Requirement & Engineering

Our Requirement Engineers work closely with our clients.We believe with this approach, we can avoide future misunderstandings

Design & Devolepment

Our core expertise lies at creating highly intuative,interactive and expressive software,web and desktop application.

Testing & Deploiment

Apart from unit testing by devolepers,we also have aseperate quality assurence team composed of ISTQB certified testers.

Support & Maintaince

After go live we support our clients by ongoing maintaince and extensions of there systems.There by we cover entire life cycle of the project.

Welcome To Linear Solutions

Linear Solutions is a result of simple observation. People have transformed how they work, Shop and but business have not adopted .This mismatches led the team to create the vision for the new experience and to develop linear platform to support it.

We are group of innovators who wants to help our customers to get to the market first, so we drive toward flawless execution to get them the software and support they need, when they need them. We engage early with our customers and learn as much as we can about their needs so we can continually produce new, innovative technologies for their future applications We are changing the world ,help to make the world smarter,greener,healthier and more fun.



Be a highly effective and fast moving high rated organaization devolep innovative product with awsome quality and there by keeping the continouse improvement track record ona high note.
Be a great place to work and creates


Our mission is no simplify the process of software devoleping via the industry is modt open comprehensive agile lifecycle management platform.
From customer collaboration to continous planing to continues delivery our aim is to help organaization scale there agile initiateive faster, easier and smarter.


our responsiblity we operate with a sense of urgency and descipline We are passionate about delivering exceptional services.
we are team pleyers every they we do tell or Leadership when we are leader in our industryand in our communities.

Web & Mobile Devolepment

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce
  • Backend Solutions
  • Content Management System
  • ERP /CRM
  • B2B Platforms

Web Designing

  • UI Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Corporate Websites
  • Interactive Web Designing
  • Templates, Blogs
  • Web Hosting

Graphic Designing

  • Logo Designing
  • Overall Branding
  • Business Presentations
  • 2D & 3D Modeling
  • 2D Animations
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 3D Animations

Internet Marketing

  • Web Analytics
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing

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  • Desighning
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications

Office Address

Panikkers Building

karette, Trivandrum